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, vitamins ▓and minerals. If drunk

by itself, it is ve▓ry nourishing.

However, if taken together with eggs

, it can reduce the activity of protease, which hel▓ps the body assimilate protein. Eggs are, of course, very rich in protein. Various countries coping▓ with the food crisisDuring the food summit,▓ people in the world's most populated Arab country Egypt are complaining about high

f▓ood prices. And Latin American countries are taking various measures to cope with rising prices. Egypt is dependent▓ on imported food and has been wracked by social unrest as many people struggle with stagnant wages and high inflation.Mohamed Farouk, Cairo resident, said, "Befo

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he co▓untry should use new methods of agriculture, re-cult▓ivate more land to increase crop production.People in Peru are

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